Southerly Brokerage

Southerly Brokerage has been developed to specifically focus the needs of the existing Southerly Owners and those who have their sights set and aspire to purchase a pre-owned Southerly. This has many advantages for both the buyer and the vendor.

Unparalleled knowledge

The buyer has the knowledge that as both the builder and broker, we will know that particular yacht and her history inside out. After all, Northshore have built over 900 Southerlys between 1975-2013 and we are uniquely qualified to advise on their sale or purchase and we can offer a better and broader choice of craft across a spectrum of age, condition, cost and location.  We can offer advice and assistance on survey, finance, insurance and any aspect of your future ownership.

We also have the unparalleled knowledge to answer queries from vendor and purchaser with authority and exactness. And of course, who knows the market and values, better than us ? Others may promise you a specialist service, but as builders of these craft, our knowledge and experience is second to none.

Southerly Yacht Services

Files are kept on every yacht that has been built. Our experienced Southerly Yacht Services team share this unique knowledge when it comes to maintenance, repair or refitting which will benefit the vendor too, on advising on pricing and any work that may be neccessary beofre or after the sale.

World leading variable draft cruising yachts

The Southerly is a true world class cruising yacht, capable of fast blue water passage with deep draft for powerful performance. At the touch of a button, the unique variable draft keel system provides shallow draft to sail in shallow waters and extend cruising grounds.

The Southerly Design Office worked along side commissioned designers such as Ed Dubois, Rob Humphreys and Stephen Jones to combine the qualities of the Southerly pedigree with the latest advancements in technology.

Every detail from the shape and structure of the hull to the deck and sail plan arrangement has been designed to achieve the best possible sailing characteristics to make sailing easy and rewarding. Interiors are designed for maximum comfort with practicality and safety at sea, being main priorities. Interior styling creates a luxurious atmosphere within the yacht to make living aboard a real pleasure.